August 9 - 14, 2016 We had a Bermuda High that gave us temps from 95F to 102F during my ride times. Filled my water bottle with nothing but ice cubes, both at home and at a Shell station where I regularly refill my water bottle. Home

July 22, 2011 Was a hot day - 106F at the BWI airport (two miles away).
I still got my daily bike ride in; took me an hour to quit sweating when I got home.

June 2011: Larry asked me to come up to his Mt Airy shop and help him set up his time station for the RAAM (Ride Acrosss AMerica).
In addition to the usual sweat equity items, he foisted a Time Station Staff T on me. My shift was from 1:00AM to 6:00AM, the 27th.
RAAM 2011 T Night Shift

June 5, 2011: Bobby and I attended the Philadelphia Pro race. Baltimore Bullet

May 5, 2011: Bobby and I went to the Trexlertown velodome to hawk his stuff at the swap meet. Velodrome Swap Meet

April 2010: swapped out the 52T crank for a Dura-Ace/Shimano 47T crank assembly on my Burley. A smaller chain ring improves hill climbing, and the new cog-chainring ratios make pedaling easier. 47 tooth crank

April 2010: With Luke, put up a security light for Larry; we need to acquire a motion detector to finish the work Larry Black

February 7, 2010 Was a gorgeous day - worked the Westminster, Maryland swap meet. People were broke. Westminster is about forty miles NW of Linthicum. Stayed overnight at Bobby's, then up at 5am, leave at 6, arrive at 7, move Bobby's stuff into the Ag Center; gates open to a couple thousand folks at 9am; runs 'til 2pm.

The Clark Wamsley, a 63cm Reynolds 531 frameset, was acquired from and refurbished with the great assistance of Mount Airy Bikes. The Wamsley was my first effort at refurbishing a high-quality bicycle. Many lessons were learned from Larry, the Mount Airy proprietor. The basic burgundy was enhanced with black & gold accents. Lugs, wheels, derailleur, brakes and other pieces were detailed in anodized gold. Replacement decals were obtained from Chip Wamsley, Morgantown. The Wamsley is for sale at Mount Airy Bikes.